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Financing study

StudyLink wants students to get the financial assistance they are entitled to so they can complete their studies. There is a range of ways StudyLink can help including the Student Allowance, Student Loans and extra help with costs. 

Thinking about study

Whether you are a school leaver, a mature student thinking about retraining, a beneficiary considering study, or the parent of someone planning study - we can help you work out if study is right for you, and how you'll support yourself.

Student Allowance

The Student Allowance is a weekly payment to help with living expenses while you study full-time (or limited full-time with our approval). You don't have to pay this back.

Student Loan

The Student Loan can help to finance your study. It's made up of three parts - course fees, course-related costs and/or living costs. You have to pay a Student Loan back.

Jobseeker Support Student Hardship

The Jobseeker Support Student Hardship is a weekly payment to help meet your living costs during your study breaks if you can't find work. 

Extra help

StudyLink connects students with financial help for a range of situations.  This includes help for health, accommodation, work, childcare, and training costs. There is also help if you can't find work during your study break, help for people with disabilities, help for emergencies, and information about family assistance.


There are many organisations offering scholarships for a wide range of qualifications and students - from a few hundred dollars, to thousands.  They may not necessarily focus on academic achievement. 

Limited full-time study

Some financial assistance is only available to full-time students.  However, in certain situations, if you have to study part-time you could be eligible for what's called "limited full-time status".

Making your application

Find out how to apply for the Student Allowance, a Student Loan, the Jobseeker Support Student Hardship Benefit, and extra help. 

Your rights and responsibilities

If you are receiving a Student Allowance, Student Loan or extra help, you must tell us when your study details or circumstances change. 

This section also tells you what to do if you disagree with a StudyLink decision. 

Last updated: 22 March 2014