Student Allowance Rate Calculator

Use this calculator to find out how much Student Allowance you may be eligible for while you are studying. This calculator is updated following 1 April each year.

Please note: This calculator is only a guide and information is based on the information you provide at the time of this calculation. The calculated amount does not include Accommodation Benefit. Calculations are based on the primary tax code 'M'. To be eligible for a Student Allowance all other criteria must be met as well. To check your eligibility to the Student Allowance as well as other products, use the "What you can get" eligibility tool and then apply online. We can't confirm if you qualify for Student Allowance until you apply. Please also note that a Student Allowance (including the Accommodation Benefit if eligible) cannot be paid if the total net rate payable is less than $2.00 per week. For more details please contact us or apply online.

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Parental income calculator

Use this calculator to find out if you might be eligible for a Student Allowance based on your parents' income and how much you might get while in study.

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  • If you only have one parent, select the "together" option.
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Last updated: 26 September 2014