About us

StudyLink helps students make informed choices about their student finance, how to apply for it and manage it online. StudyLink is a service of the Ministry of Social Development.

StudyLink service charter

This service charter aims to set out clearly and simply the standards of service that students can expect from StudyLink and what we expect of you as a student.

Staff and student representatives contributed to the development of the charter and it is reviewed and updated regularly.

StudyLink's purpose

StudyLink’s purpose is to connect people with the information they need to make considered educational decisions and provide financial information and support, enabling them to achieve a better future.

StudyLink wants students to:

  • successfully complete their courses
  • only borrow what they need
  • effectively transition into the workforce.

To achieve these outcomes StudyLink works in partnership with education providers, other government agencies and student representatives.

Here's what you have a right to expect from us

How we work with you

You can expect:

  • staff to be friendly, well-informed and interested in helping you
  • to be treated with courtesy and respect
  • to receive prompt and efficient service
  • to receive advice on who may be able to help you if we can't
  • to have the opportunity to tell us your views about our service through student surveys and student representatives
  • a fair, transparent and efficient process for dealing with complaints and reviews.
The information we provide

You can expect:

  • to receive information that is accurate, up-to-date, and easy to understand
  • to receive consistent information
  • to be made aware of all financial assistance to which you might be entitled
  • to have your rights and obligations clearly explained
  • to have any decisions we make explained to you.
The information you give us

You can expect:

  • us to explain why we ask you to provide certain information
  • that the information you supply is carefully stored and can be easily accessed when needed
  • that your information will be kept private and confidential.
How we communicate

You can expect:

  • to be able to use a range of channels to communicate with us
  • to be informed promptly about changes that affect you
  • to be listened to carefully so we understand what you are telling us.

Here's what we need from you

To provide the standard of service we want, we need you to:

  • give us all the information we need by the dates we advise to ensure you receive your entitlements on time
  • make sure the information you give us is correct
  • tell us immediately about any changes in your situation that may affect your entitlements
  • keep any agreements you have made with us
  • treat our staff with courtesy and respect
  • carefully read the information we provide so you understand your rights and responsibilities
  • ask us if you are not sure about anything.
Last updated: 30 July 2015