Full-time - Student Loan definition

Provides the definition of full-time for a Student Loan.

The Tertiary Education Commission assigns an EFTS (equivalent full-time student) value to each course to determine if it meets the full-time status criteria for Student Loans.  See the chart below.


 Number of weeks (gross weeks)  EFTS    Number of weeks (gross weeks)  EFTS
 12  0.3    23  0.575
 13  0.3    24  0.6
 14  0.3    25  0.625
 15  0.3    26  0.65
 16  0.4    27  0.675
 17  0.4    28  0.7
 18  0.4    29  0.725
 19  0.4    30  0.75
 20  0.5    31  0.775
 21  0.525    32-52  0.8
 22  0.55    53 or more  1.0

The study status of your course determines what components of the Student Loan you can access.

For example:


 Study status Fees Course-related costs Living costs
 Full-time, Full year (i.e. studying both 1st and 2nd semester)  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Full-time, Part year (i.e. studying either  1st or 2nd semester)  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Part-time Full year  Yes  No  No

 Part-time Part year

Note: a minimum value of 0.25 EFTS is required.

 Yes  No




Note: if the length of your course does not meet the required EFTS value to be full-time, StudyLink will check to see if there is any part or segment of your course which may still qualify as full-time.

For example:

Your course is 32 weeks long, so you would need to have 0.8 EFTS to be full-time.  Your first semester EFTS value is 0.4, but your second semester is only 0.3. StudyLink will determine that you are full-time for the first semester but not for the second semester.  

Last updated: 16 September 2014