Thinking about study

If you have recently left school, or you are on a benefit or working, and you are thinking about starting study, we can help you work out if study is right for you and how you'll support yourself.

School leavers

Sussed reality check

If you're going to tertiary study after you leave school, use the Sussed reality check to help you plan for the costs you’ll have while studying and the different ways you could pay them.

Launched Sussed reality check

Cost of living calculator

The cost of living calculator helps you work out how much money you’ll need while you’re studying. It's intended to help first-time students who are new to living away from home and household budgeting.

On a benefit

Talk to Work and Income

If you're on a benefit and you decide to study, it could affect how much you get. If you have a partner they could be affected too.

It’s important you talk to Work and Income and make an informed decision about studying.

If you start studying, you may have to stop your benefit. Your student finance payments may be less than you get on benefit and you may be unable to support yourself.

You may have to apply for a student loan, which you would have to pay back.

Find out how much student finance you could get before you decide to study.

Check it out before you apply

What you can get

Check out what kind of help you can get by using our online questionnaire.

Student Allowance rate calculator

Go to the Student Allowance rate calculator to find out how much student allowance you could get.

Last updated: 08 June 2016