Accommodation Supplement

What Accommodation Supplement is for, if you can get it, how much you could get and when, and how to apply.

What Accommodation Supplement is for

Accommodation Supplement is a weekly payment to help you with your rent, board or the cost of owning a home.

Who can get Accommodation Supplement

To get Accommodation Supplement you usually have to:

  • have accommodation costs
  • be 18 or over - some 16 to 17 year olds can get it
  • not be paying rent for a social housing property
  • be a New Zealand citizen, or meet residency requirements
  • not be entitled to student allowance.

If you are not entitled to student allowance because of:

  • your income
  • your partner's income
  • your parents’ income

you are not eligible for Accommodation Supplement.

You can't choose not to apply for or accept a student allowance in order to receive Accommodation Supplement.

If you have been declined a student allowance for other reasons, you may be able to get Accommodation Supplement.

Accommodation Supplement also depends on:

  • how much you and your partner earn
  • money or assets you and your partner have.

Complete the What you can get online tool to find out if you may be able to get Accommodation Supplement. This tool will also tell you what other help you may be able to get.

How much Accommodation Supplement you can get

How much Accommodation Supplement you get depends on:

  • your income
  • your assets
  • your accommodation costs
  • your family circumstances
  • where you live.

If you have a partner, they may be able to get their own Accommodation Supplement if they’re not a student and you qualify for a student allowance.

There are different limits depending on whether or not you’re on a benefit.

How to apply for Accommodation Supplement

If you can get Accommodation Supplement, the quickest and easiest way to apply is online.

If you can’t apply online, download the Extra Help application form.

Go to the Extra Help application form on the Work and Income website.

Last updated: 02 June 2015